Our Mission & Vision

To promote civic engagement in the Indian American Community by educating all community members about political issues and processes impacting their lives as well as advocate for our community and its unique needs at the city, state, regional and national level.

Strive to educate, advocate, and engage in issues related to political and civic engagement. Provide education and resources to our community members to enable greater political awareness and participation. Engage in advocacy and coalition building among various groups in order to address critical issues facing our community at all levels. Serve as a voice for Indian Americans in Austin, helping the larger community understand our needs, strengths and perspectives.

Board Members

President                                      Parimal Rohit

Vice President                            Sarah Pleuthner

Treasurer                                     Jyotsna Paul

Director                                        Shweta Padmanabha

Director                                        Pooja Sethi

Director                                       Sherine Thomas


IACT has held several successful forums to educate the community on topics or issues pertaining to non-partisan political and civic engagement.

  • Voter Education and Voter Registration.
  • Various aspects of public education, including systems, policies, and laws.
  • Host local and national officials, for e.g. police official, circuit court judge, surgeon-general, etc. to explain and help understand their roles in civic life.
  • Book talks that enlighten and cultivate responsible citizenship values and skills.
  • Participate with FWD.us agenda to inform and educate the need for comprehensive immigration reforms.
  • Support local social service agencies that explain and help build stronger communities.
  • Contribute to local newspapers and media.

Volunteer with IACT

Interested in getting involved? Want to help plan an event or shoot one of our informative videos? Or perhaps you’re interested in helping us register more voters. Other opportunities include joining our board or working on a specific committee. There are lots of ways to work with IACT to drive our mission, and we can accommodate various time commitments. Don’t hesitate to reach out, we’d love the help.


IACT is a non-profit organization and as such, we are continually raising funds to drive our initiatives. We can’t do it without you, and we’ve made contributing as easy as clicking the button below. Of course, if you need more information or would like to talk to our leadership before making a contribution, feel free to reach out. THANK YOU!